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The candidate should have good academic grades. Will be accepting applications for a clerkship beginning September 2019.]]>
Thu, 14 May 2020 00:00:00 CDT https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=5c629bf0cf8416276bfbba9a12ae9c7b
Education Attorney in Santa Fe, NM https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=66e95c22992bec75dd084bed2318484e The candidate provides proactive legal services and legal advice to the Superintendent and/or staff relating to the operations and policies of the District. Provides legal advice to and research for the Superintendent, the Human Resources Director and other Administrators. Responds ]]> Tue, 02 Jun 2020 00:00:00 CDT https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=66e95c22992bec75dd084bed2318484e Corporate Associate Attorney https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=2f4d47ba23732ad2b6dcc676a49c11ca Sat, 16 May 2020 00:00:00 CDT https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=2f4d47ba23732ad2b6dcc676a49c11ca Lateral Corporate Attorney https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=642a8582731f396d2bf38598a67734c2 Sat, 16 May 2020 00:00:00 CDT https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=642a8582731f396d2bf38598a67734c2 Summer Associate in Santa Fe, NM https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=d07b99d6ae041fc084aedc0ee0963e2d The candidate will work on a wide range of interesting legal issues and projects for a diverse set of clients. In addition to researching and drafting legal memoranda, motions and briefs, we provide opportunities to attend depositions, hearings, trials, closings and other types of]]> Fri, 22 May 2020 00:00:00 CDT https://www.lawcrossing.com/lcjsjobdetail.php?akey=d07b99d6ae041fc084aedc0ee0963e2d